Entry 1

Hello again

Here are todays speculations:

Why does the slender man go after children? Does he take there energy? What is his purpose? Does he exist only to survive, or is he a personafacation of our worst fears? Finally, why does he wear a buisness suit at all times? He has an uncanny resembelance to a faceless G-Man…

That is all for today,

Keep safe, Watch your back



~ by ninjaboyjnw on October 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “Entry 1”

  1. I’ve been seeing some strange suited man. can you give me some help?

    • You’re in it now, boy. Run, run as fast as you can.

      Or just make sure post your pretty poetry once you’ve gone insane.

  2. One thought that crossed my mind today, what if the Slenderman isn’t from our world, but like a….. a glitch, to put it in understandable terms. What if something happened, an accident, that made him. Or he could be like a virus, a parasite that feeds off of other beings.

  3. Sounds very possible lifegospel. Is there anyone that we could contact that’s familiar with the Physics of space/time?

  4. A G-Man, really?
    He reminds me more of Cabadath than anything…

    • Same with most people from what I gather. Many specualtions I have heard tie in with the ‘fourth dimention’ and the like, but who knows 🙂
      Only thing thats definate is that SM isn’t a one off fonominon

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